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At Source we understand the importance of customers enjoying their meal in a clean and healthy environment. Other than the quality of the food, nothing is more important to keep good customers coming back for more. While cleaning cannot be 100% green due to the use of disinfectants for proper restroom cleanliness, the use of greener cleaning products where possible can provide a brighter, healthier experience for your customers. At Source we believe it is our job eliminate any negative distractions and to simply, help customers remember the food.

Source understands the unique procedures involved in cleaning kitchen floors, equipment, prep areas and hoods both on a nightly basis and the periodic deep cleaning requirements, as well.

It is also important that a proper carpet care program is followed to maintain carpeted areas in their best possible appearance at all times. Source has a carpet care program that is specifically designed for restaurants.

Source will work closely with your staff in all aspects of maintaining your restaurant to the highest standards of cleanliness. Give us a call to learn more.