Carpet Cleaning Kansas City

Complete Carpet Cleaning

Source Building Services offers complete Carpet Cleaning services in the Kansas City area. High traffic carpets may begin to look deteriorated in just a short period of time without proper maintenance and care.

When a carpet starts to lose its softness and fullness, its time to have it cleaned. Our experienced, dedicated staff can help with deep cleaning that often times will bring the carpet back to its original luster.

Most people don’t realize that carpets act as an air filter at your home and office. Carpets trap dust, dirt and bacteria that would otherwise be floating in the air. A carpet can only hold so much before the dust and particles become airborne again and start to damage the fibers while also affecting your employees health.

Schedule your next Carpet Cleaning with us and experience the difference. Source Building Services has been cleaning home, apartment and office carpets in the Kansas City area since 1994. To learn more please call us today at 913-341-7500.

We’ve been using Source since 2014 and I have to say that they do a good job. The staff is wonderful and very responsive. I would highly recommend Source Building Services for all of your cleaning needs.

Barbette H.
Ops Coordinator, HairUWear

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